A sad event that needs changing

May 30, 2018 0 By John

Our question of the week this week was “If you could change one event from our history, what would you change, what be the results, and why would you change it?”


I didn’t particularly like any of the topics presented.  I thought about talking about the Cuban missile crisis for a bit.  But there is one more recent topic that I can talk about.  What would happen if the events of September 11th, 2001 were prevented.  I suppose the easy reason for ‘why?’ would be apparent.  To save thousands of lives from dying in the plane crash, and subsequent collapse of the buildings.  However, the long-term results would also be an immense boon to us as well.  We wouldn’t have been able to use it as an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.  This alone would have saved countless lives in both of those countries.  The prevention of those wars would also save us trillions in dollars spent rebuilding both nations and paying for the bombs we used to destroy them.  It also would have at least delayed implementation of the ‘patriot act’, which has been incredibly controversial ever since it was signed in October of 2001.

All in all, I know talking about this subject has really been overdone for the last seventeen years.  But it is my choice for the one thing I would change in our history