A time altering book cover

June 3, 2018 0 By John

Below you will see an image of a fake book cover. The imaginary book was created as an homage to our question of the week from this past Wednesday! Mine details an important change in history. The prevention of the events surrounding 9/11. Continue reading to learn more. This post was modeled after an assignment you can find here, if you would like to do this yourself.



Inner book flap details:

On what seemed to be a normal morning in September, four Air Marshalls began there day with anxiety. Newly acquired intelligence from the State Department had suggested new threats targeting certain planes departing from a few select airports. In this riveting tale of bravery, you will hear the tale of these Air Marshalls who saved the lives of thousands on a single day. What would have happened had they not all been reassigned to these flights that very morning? How many wars would have been started? How many others may have lost their lives?

Creation of the book cover details:

I have linked a video from my YouTube channel detailing exactly what I did to create my book cover. I used Photoshop to do the job. Most of it is pretty simple. Import your images to a single canvas. Select and crop what you want to keep. Control+Z to undo mistakes. One very useful tool to use is the ‘fill’ option under ‘Edit’. If you select ‘content-aware’, it automatically analyzes the area around your selection, and fills the inside to match. It is useful to get rid of logos or other image blemishes. You will see several examples in my video.