Another Sunday, another funday

June 3, 2018 0 By John

Another Sunday has come and gone.  This week we focused on design, and image manipulation.  We used tools like Photoshop and Gimp to manipulate images into fitting our own desires.

I started the week by doing two daily-creates.  The first daily create (which can be found here) was about creating the description for a fictional flower.  I decided to create a flower so colorful, that would it would likely attract every bee within a 30 mile radius.  See below for the link to the tweet!



For my second daily create (found here, in case you wish to attempt it), I was tasked with describing a short tv scene where a laugh track is to be involved.  For the completion of this daily create we also had to create a small clip with the actual laugh track attached.  My narative involved a young girl with a follicle problem that only her crazy dad can solve.  My clip was basically a GIF from the tv show “The Addams family”, and a laugh track that I dubbed over it when converting to mp4 format.  You can find the tweet and the link to the video on my YouTube channel below.



Continuing on with my week,  the next thing I accomplished was the Book Cover Assignment.  This assignment is supposed to be related to the Question of the week we were given for this past Wednesday.  For the question of the week, I chose to cover the topic of preventing 9/11.  For the book cover, I created a narrative involving Air Marshals being reassigned to those flights and actually preventing the attacks.  I also used Photoshop to create the image, and linked a 7 minute video of my entire process creating the image.  The blog post also contains details on the most helpful tools I used within Photoshop to complete the assignment.  You can find a link to the full blog post below.

A time altering book cover


The next assignment I completed was the Alternative History section.  For this, I was directed to create a photo-shopped image of an important historical figure or event related to the question of the week from last week.  I chose to edit an image of George W. Bush standing aboard an aircraft carrier.  The history tied to this image is described in detail in my blog post which you can find below.  The process I used for this was similar to my photo-shopped book cover.


Re-visioned Aircraft Carrier Visit – Alternative History

The final major task I was assigned for this week was to complete four stars worth of assignments from a design assignment list.

I found a really interesting assignment worth four and half stars (which can be found here if you wish to try it).  The details of the work involved creating the visual for a superhero from a custom website, and then describing why the superhero looks that way.  I chose my normal tactic of using bright flashy colors, and I incorporated that into the superheros design.  His name is TackyMan, and boy is he tacky.  You can find my blog post linked below.

Tacky Man, fighter of fashion crimes world-wide


This week we are supposed to start posting comments on our peers blogs.  I attempted to post comments on three blog posts, but I never saw them show up. I assume comments have to be approved by the blogs owners?  Regardless, I will provide links to the blogs I commented on, and a short description of what I said.


The first blog post I commented on can be found here.

I liked her post about Katniss Evergreen, and left a tip on how she could make her image bigger on the initial post. I described how when you go into the “insert media” section and have your image selected, there is a drop-down menu called ‘size’. From there you can choose a new size for the image to appear as instead of having to click the image to make it bigger.


The second blog post I commented on can be found here.

I commented here that I loved the ending of their blog and how they linked directly to the blogs they commented on. This is where I got the idea to do it in my own summary blog. I also stated that the user could make a small improvement to the look of their blog by directly pasting a full URL link to their older blog posts. This URL is automatically converted to a nicer looking box containing a small snippet from the blog. This might be a small visual improvement over a basic text link.


The third blog post that I commented on can be found here.

I posted that I like how they posted the direct URL to their tweets so that WordPress could convert it to the nice looking boxy format.  I then informed them of the same thing I posted above.  If you do the same URL pasting with your blog links, WordPress will convert it to look nicer in the same way it does the tweets.  I cant recommend doing this enough!  It looks great.



This concludes another week in Digital Storytelling 106.  Thanks for reading!