Daily tweet mashup

June 10, 2018 0 By John

Your dual daily dose of double daily creates are here.  Below you will find my two daily creates for the end of the 3rd week of my Digital Storytelling class.  The first daily create I will discuss is just below this paragraph.  We were tasked with coloring a nifty photograph of what appears to be a satellite pointed at a blimp.  The actual assignment can be found here.  How I finished this assignment was to go the coloring page HERE.  That site hosted the image, and a coloring tool. The coloring tool was pretty neat, as it incorporated both a color picker, and a pattern chooser.  You should try it.



My second daily create task was to create an info graphic of my choosing.  You will find that tweet below as well.  The actual assignment details can be found HERE.   How I created this image was to simply look for a simple blank chart image on google.  I then put in the text with my favorite image editing tool (MS Paint, hah!).  The text presented on the graph fully displays my feelings towards Twitter, as well as all social media in general.