House of mirrors: a quadruple reflection post

June 13, 2018 0 By John

In order to learn more about, I watched 4 videos showing examples of different film-making and editing techniques.


The first I watched was “Examples of Editing techniques”.  The video showed many examples of different scene transitions and editing techniques.  The first shown was the jump cut.  It worked very well from a comedic stand point as it was very abrupt.  You expect more time in-between the statements the actors are making, and it helps to accentuate the purposefully bad acting taking place in the scene.  On a side note, I really enjoy these actors.  They were part of “The IT Show”, which was really funny when it was on the air.  The slow motion scene showed us how we can take what might be a really cool and quick scene, and drag it out for the viewer to more easily digest.  Most of the other scenes were simplistic in nature.



The space odyssey match cut video was very short, but it seemed to display how to transition from one similar scene to the next.  The bone in the air transitioned to what appeared to be a space station.  You could see the similarity in appearance between the two objects when they were displayed as being the same size.

The Hitchcock video was humorous.  It showed how cutting video with different scenes can make the user interpret a person or situation very differently.  It almost makes me wonder what Hitchcock was actually looking at during the smiling scene.  I’d like to think it was the cameraman making a funny face.