If a tree fell on my blog, and noone had read it, would it make a sound

June 13, 2018 0 By John

This class is coming to a close very quickly now.  We’re about 80% of the way through!  This is my mid-week summary for week 4.  This week centered around techniques for video editing, and movie related camera techniques in general.  There wasn’t much in the way of creation for this week.  Except of course for the wonderful question of the week. This week we were tasked with recreating a popular nursery rhyme of our choosing.  However, it had to be opposite in  nature to the original.  I chose to do mine on ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.  There wasn’t much twinkling in my version.  You can read more about it at my blog post below.


The Missing Star


Next up, I watched a few videos showing quick examples of how filmmakers transition between their scenes in movies or tv shows.  I liked watching these, as they involved some classic actors in my opinion.  Hitchcock is such a great narrator.  And the acting skills portrayed by the characters from the IT show are literally the epitome of my current viewing preferences.  You can read more about my interpretation of the scene transitions at my blog post listed below.  Think of this paragraph as a jump cut!


House of mirrors: a quadruple reflection post


Another assignment I worked on for this week was reviewing a document written by Roger Ebert.  The post described how Roger had been introduced to a new way of analyzing movie scenes, and how he introduced it to others.  Roger Ebert is the most recognizable name in the movie critiquing scene, so he had a lot of information to relay to his fans (and students).  His article can be found HERE if you wish to read it yourself.  My blog post on the subject can be found below.


Roger relies on reading the scene


Finally, we have my two daily creates for the week.  This week, the daily create website presented two interesting tasks.  The first was to take a walk and find an interesting tree to share with everyone.  I didn’t have to go very far.  The tree from my post below resides in my backyard, and I have spent many an afternoon staring up at its huge branching limbs.  It may not be very interesting to others, but I feel like it has its own personality.  You can do this daily create as well if you want.  The details for the assignment can be found HERE.



The second daily create I worked on entailed posting a picture of what I consider true beauty.  I decided on an amazing photograph of what appears to be the Northern Lights.  Beneath the colorful night sky, there is a small handmade igloo, and a snow covered field with a brightly lit cabin or resort in the background.  This just screams beauty to me.   If  you would like to contribute to this daily create, you can find the assignment details HERE.



Hope you had a great week everyone!  See you on Sunday