If Hell actually existed, it would contain these sounds

June 10, 2018 0 By John

I found an assignment on the audio assignment bank that reached out to me.  I wanted to do it, and not to do it at the same time.  The details of the assignment were for the user to create a mashup of sounds that the user really dislikes.  I wanted to express my hate for these sounds.  But at the same time, I didn’t want to hear them again.  Hah!  Anyways, below you will find a soundcloud link to my most hated sounds.  HERE is a link to the assignment if you would like to follow along.    This assignment was worth 3 stars.




I would really recommend using Audacity to complete this assignment if you decide to try it yourself.  It can help you finish this with little to no time invested.  Simply install, click a few buttons, and your done!  Below is a screenshot of the interface, and I will walk you through a few easy steps.



Click ‘File’ and then ‘Import audio’ to insert multiple audio clips you want to mash up.  Click the <-> button in the top center to move clips around on the timeline.  Click the ‘I’ button near the previous button we discussed to select sections of a clip you would like to remove (by clicking the delete key).   Once you are done, simply export the audio from ‘File’ to save, and you will have an MP3 clip you can use! Hope that helps.