My Ultimate ‘Kickin the bucket’ list

May 27, 2018 0 By John

This two star visual assignment tasked me with creating a photo of four things that are on my bucket list.


First, I would love to go scuba diving.  Under the right supervision and training, I am sure it would be fun and relaxing.

Second, sky diving would likely be the exact opposite.  It would likely contain just the right amount of danger and excitement.  The perfect contrast to scuba diving.

Third, I would love to own a log cabin somewhere in the mountains where it snows a lot.  It would be a very romantic spot.  However I am sure it would entail a lot of upkeep and work.

Fourth, I would love to visit the back-alley streets of Tokyo before I die.  These streets are famous for their micro-bars and secluded spots for people to relax and eat the local foods.