Photo Diving on Memorial Day Eve

May 27, 2018 0 By John

Hey everyone.  Tomorrow is Memorial Day!  If you have plans, I hope they go wonderfully for you.

This week we were given a series of videos and documents describing the art of photography.  They noted how we can improve the pictures we take.  The website ‘Abandoned America’ was interesting to browse through.  I am a huge fan of abandoned buildings that were once lively and thriving areas in a community.  Going through these pictures was very enjoyable for me.


While reading through the tips page that was linked on canvas, you can easily see some of these techniques being put into place by the photographer.  For instance, this photograph of a chapel door posted here displays a nice contrast in colors.  The door is a nice shade of red, while the rest of the photo is the grey stonework.  It stuck out to me and became one of my favorites from this website.  It was very simple, and vibrant at the same time.


This week we were also tasked with completing a blitz.  No, not an N.F.L. blitz where you try to inflict maximum punishment on the opposing quarterback. I am referring to a photoblitz.  In a photoblitz, you are given a series of prompts describing photos you are supposed to take.  The prompts can be rather simple at times.  At other times, they can be pretty thought provoking.  I posted my gallery to Instagram and will be sharing them with you today.


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Here is the gallery posted on my Instagram account.  I chose to do this photoblitz in the lower level of my house as I had a wide variety of objects to choose from down there.  I will describe the photos below in the order that they appear.  Just click the arrow icon to move to the next photograph.


The first photo in the gallery was of my timepiece showing when I ended the blitz.  We were given 15 minutes to take as many photos as we could that fit within the bounds of the photo prompts.


My second photo displays the start screen for a game called ‘Portal 2’. I took this photo to represent joy.  It was the first thing I could think of when I saw the prompt.  Its quiet possibly the best game I have ever played.  It brings me great moments of joy and serenity at times.


The third photograph was a picture of two things that do not belong together.  My laptop and a big mug of water certainly do not belong together!  Hopefully that is the last time I do that.


Coming in at fourth, we see a picture of my brothers running shoe.  New Balance shoes are very nice.  I should probably buy myself a pair.

Fifth, we see a picture taken directly into a bright light.  I felt like I was staring into the sun while taking this.

Next we have a picture of what I think is an interesting shadow.  It is the casing of a stand fan.  I believe the shadow looks like a large spider web.

Following the spider web shadow, we see another look at that stand fan.  Except this time the viewpoint is from that of an ant.  Hopefully the imaginary ant doesn’t get stuck in that crafty shadow web!

Eighth, we see the most futuristic looking thing I believe is in my house.  It is a google wifi access point.  It is very sleek, shiny, and has a ring of light that encircles the device.

Ninth, we see a picture dominated by a single color.  This is a picture of my oil diffuser.  It has an led light that randomly changes colors while it is turned on.  It is totally worth the measily twenty dollars I spent on it.

Finally, we see a picture of the time piece I used to time this event.  It shows my start time of 9:18.


I hope everyone enjoyed my attempt at this weeks photoblitz.  Be sure to read my weekly summary!