Re-visioned Aircraft Carrier Visit – Alternative History

June 3, 2018 0 By John

To complete my timeline altering story-line of the events surrounding 9/11, I have selected a single image to manipulate.  The image I have chosen is one of President George W. Bush aboard an aircraft carrier.  Behind him you can see a banner displaying the words “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”.  This was in 2003, and President Bush was declaring an end to major combat operations in Iraq.  The banner and statement was controversial, due to many military and civilian casualties continuing to increase after this speech.

To alter this image in the spirit of my re-visioned history, I have replaced the banner with the words “Welcome Mr. President”.  As the attacks on 9/11 were basically prevented in this new timeline, this visit must have been based on different circumstances.  In this case, President Bush is merely visiting as a moral boost for troops stationed aboard the carrier.

This post is modeled after an assignment that can be found here, if you wish to do this yourself.

I have posted both the original, and my new version of the image below.