Roger relies on reading the scene

June 13, 2018 0 By John

Roger begins his article by introducing us to how he got into the “shot at a time” technique of critiquing films. He even trys to instill in the reader that this is something anyone can get into. Roger provides his own experience in teaching a film class to provide evidence of this notion. he described the results of his classes participation as being “beyond imagination”.


“Democracy in the dark” and “Cinema Interruptus” were listed as other names for this style of critiquing The names seem appropriate when considering the context. Roger wants his students (and us) to critique films by pausing whenever we want, and simply discussing what we are seeing on the screen. The conversation that results from this analysis can be very useful in the analysis of said film.


And here is where I would say I learned the most from this article. I now know that positioning of a shot has a lot to do with how actors are perceived by the audience. All sorts of things can be drawn from just the direction an actor walks in a shot. Perhaps we think these things subconsciously. But now that I know things such as the actor in a “two person shot” is perceived as dominant over the actor on the left, it will be hard to ignore it in the future.