Snap crackle pop. Mid-week Sound in summary

June 6, 2018 0 By John

Hello all!  It seems we are halfway through the class, because here our 3rd midweek summary is upon us!



As usual, another summary means another set of daily creates.  These are almost always my favorite part of the week as they involve a quick random bit of creativity.  For the first time this week I created a separate blog post for these two daily-creates, as that was specifically mentioned in the assignment requests.  Was this how we were supposed to be doing this the entire time?  Putting them in a separate blog post really removes a lot of what you can say in a summary without just repeating a ton of what you’ve already said in the blog itself.   Nonetheless, below you will find the link to my daily-create blog.  This weeks set includes pictures related to idling, Star Trek, and kaleidoscopes.  Oh my!


3D: Dual Daily Designs


Next, we were given an assignment titled Reading and Resource Reflection.  To complete my work for this, I watched both videos presented by Jad.  He had a very soothing voice.  I truly think he found his calling in radio and voice work.  It was very apparent from the start that he was talented in his field.  His ability to describe situations in unique ways was incredible, and really contributed to his narrative of a storyteller painting a picture.  I also read through a collection of tips in regards to preparing audio clips.  These were informative.  Near the end there was also a collection of videos detailing things such as the Wilhelm Scream, and one titled ‘Foley Sound’.  The Foley Sound video provided us with a glimpse at how audio work was done for movie scenes where accurate audio couldn’t be captured at the time of recording.  Below you will find my blog for this assignment.


Get a little R&R


Finally, we were provided with a Podcast titled ‘Moon Graffiti’, and asked to analyze it for the magnificent audio behaviors it exhibited throughout its entirety.  This clip contained a very unique view on a fictional scenario where the moon landing ended in disaster.   The producers did a fantastic job of sprinkling in drama, tension, and quirkiness, all through the use of sound effects.  Near the end they even had a sound effect that did a wonderful job of summarizing how most listeners must have felt during the entire podcast.   Strangely confused, but intrigued.

Below you will find a link to my blog containing more thoughts on this subject.


To the moon Alice


In summary; For this class I believe audio is a huge component of how everything fits together.  Audio can express every emotion in the book.  It can do so with apparent ease, as shown by “Moonlight Graffiti”.  And for me, it will likely be the most informative.  I have not used Audacity in many years, and I would love to get back into it.  I bought a MIDI controller keyboard last year and I have been dying to try it out again.  Perhaps with Audacity, I can make some amusing mixes with different sound collections.


As usual, see you in three days!