SOS – Story of Sounds

June 10, 2018 2 By John

I created a story this week entirely out of sound clips.  You can listen to it on my soundcloud link below.  See if you can understand what the moral of the story is.




The assignment instructions for this interesting piece can be found here.   If you would like to make a story of your own, I would highly recommend using Audacity.  It is an easy to use Audio editing tool that will help you to work through this assignment.  Below is screenshot of the interface I took while creating my story.  If you click ‘File’ and select ‘Import Audio’, you will be able to import multiple audio files and mix and match them together.  They play according to their position in the timeline.  If you click the <–> arrow button at the top center of the screenshot, you can click and drag the audio selections so that they play at better times.   If you click the big ‘I’ button that is near the <-> button we just discussed, you can also select parts of an audio clip and delete it by hitting the ‘delete’ button on your keyboard.  Thats pretty much all I did!  Have fun.