Summary bummery, why does nothing good rhyme with summary

May 30, 2018 0 By John



Hello all!  I have another nifty summary to present here today.  To begin my (half)week, I did my daily-creates.  This weeks selection seemed to focus mainly on fonts.  For Tuesdays daily-create (linked here in case you want to try it) I had to think long and hard to create a super-creepy message.  This message needed to be able to flip a switch between cute and creepy in a heartbeat depending on how the font portrayed it.  I think I did a rather good job with what I chose.  See below for yourself.

For the second daily-create (instructions found here), we were tasked with imitating a products font and creating a fake ad.  Coke immediately came to my mind for a product I wanted to mock, but I do not know why.  A quick google image search presented an interesting coffee coke can, and my meme ad was born!  See below for the results.


Next up on the world tour that was this week, we have our question of the week.  This weeks entry tasked us with thinking up an event that we would like to change and describing the results it would have.  My choice was rather cliche.  However it was an honest answer to the question being proposed and I felt it was appropriate to address it.  I chose to explore the topic of changing the events of September 11th 2001.  You can find my blog post on the subject below.


A sad event that needs changing


Lets move on to a happier subject.  Last week I happened to participate in something called a PhotoBlitz.  This week, we took on a blitz of a different kind.  A DesignBlitz.  The challenge entailed finding objects, ads, posters (etc..) that exhibit a majority of the 8 basic principles of design.  At first I found this to be difficult just wondering around looking for random objects or signs that could fulfill the criteria.  But once I started perusing magazines I found my solution.  Advertisements!  What better way to find something that has the sole aim of grabbing the eye of the reader.  Below you will find my blog post in relation to this task, which will contain all of my Instagram photos for the subject.

So nice, I blitzed it twice


Finally we came to what I think is my favorite part of the week.  I watched two Ted Talk videos presented by David Carson and Paula Scher.  These speakers were fantastic and did a great job in summarizing their topic.  That topic being the field of design.  Paula in-particular seemed to impart a lot of wisdom in regards to how you should approach design tasks mentally.  She really emphasized that to be successful at this, you need to have fresh eyes on a subject.  David had really wanted to get across that the message a design presents is key.  You don’t want your intended audience to get the wrong message from a design.  Which means the choices you make in creating it should push the right ideas.  We also were asked to finish tutorials from a website called  This part wasn’t my favorite.  However, it did present us with easy to follow instructions for designing certain things.  You can read all about my thoughts and feelings on both of these great speakers (….and canva……)  in my blog post below!


Two Teds walk into a bar, and Canva punches them both in the face


And so concludes another Mid-week summary.  Hope to see you next time.