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June 17, 2018 0 By John

Week 1.  Week 2.  Week 3.  Week 4.  Week 5.


Four weeks down.  One to go.




This week, we were tasked with completing twelve stars worth of assignments from the video assignment bank.  Three of these assignments had to relate to our previous weeks answer to “Question of the week”.  Last week, I created a custom version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  So this week, most of my assignments will somehow related to the sun in some shape or form.

Lets get started with my first assignment.  It was worth 2.5 stars.  It tasked me with creating a one second video that could tell a story.  But how could I make this related to the sun! That was the real question.  Even though this was the lowest star rated assignment, and the shortest video I made, I found it to be the hardest to complete.  I finally settled on taking a quick video of my overhead light turning off.  It seemed to correspond with the missing sun from my dark narrative from Wednesday.   You can find my blog post below.  The instructions for this assignment can be found HERE.


The 1 second sunset


Next up, I finished an assignment worth four stars.  The instructions can be found HERE.   A quick summary of the details are as follows.  The user is supposed to create a video that contains their favorite video transition.  I took a quick look at the video editing software I was using (Davinci Resolve, found HERE) and went through the list of transitions they contain.  The one that stood out to me the most was the clock wipe transition.  It reminded me of the batman tv show scene wipes from the 60’s.  You know, the one that goes ‘nah nah nah nah nah nah’.  I hope you could hear that through text, hah.


You can find my blog post containing the video below.

The suns on the clock


Next on the docket, I worked on an assignment worth  3 stars.  Of all the video assignments from this week, this was probably the most fun to complete.  The task was to take a video with a section that repeats itself (perhaps a single word), and replace that repeated section with something else.  Going along with my “Sun” theme for the week, I chose the music video for “Black Hole Sun’.   I decided to get a little funny with it.  I don’t want to spoil too much, so I wont reveal what was replaced.  You will find the video in my blog linked below.  Details for the assignment can be found HERE.


Land of the rising meow


Finally, my last assignment for the week.  The video I created for this was not related to the sun.  This was one was related to the audio story I created back in week 3.  The details of the assignment can be found HERE if you would like to complete it along with me.  The short summary of the task is that we are supposed to create a new video that will help visualize the audio story we completed at some point this semester.  My story detailed the unfortunate events on one night of partying for someone fictional character.  My blog post linked below will direct you to the somber video.


The trip home


One more week to go!  See you on Wednesday.