The birth of quintuplets; a summary of progress

May 22, 2018 0 By John

To start off, I would like to state first and foremost, that I am not the proud father of 5 new babies.  I am in fact referring to the 5 new accounts I have created on various social media websites for my digital stories class.  All 5 have identical usernames.  Thus, a blog title was born.  Prior to my first week in this class, I have mostly avoided any and all social media outlets.  I have some experience in managing a YouTube channel, but not very extensively.  This semester will be a bit of a challenge to learn the “in’s and outs” of each site.

I started the week off by claiming my domain, and getting WordPress set up.  I was impressed with how simple it seemed to be to get a relatively nice looking site up and running with WordPress.  I choose a relatively simplistic theme that seemed to mesh well with the blogs I intend to create.

For the first post on Instagram, I chose three random photos I happened to have on my phone, and tagged them #ds106 as requested.  Seemed simple enough.  However, when integrating the photos into a blog post here on my website, I ran into issues.  The embed code that Instagram provides doesn’t seem to play nice with WordPress.  But, after some quick googling, it seems a workaround for the issue is to simply post a direct link to the Instagram post into your blog and WordPress will auto-magically convert it to the intended look.  I also linked my WordPress site to twitter and am auto-tweeting each new blog that is posted with the hashtag #ds106.

This week, we have been addressed with the question: “What is your favorite type of story?”  Out of all the categories we were presented, I would absolutely have to choose fantasy as  my favorite.  When I look back at any of the last 40 novels I have read, the vast majority fall under that category.  From the series “A song of ice and fire”, to “The Wheel of Time” series, to the ever popular “Harry Potter” series, it would almost appear that I almost exclusively read just one type of book.  And I am perfectly content with that.  There is just something about a handcrafted universe that has one foot set in reality, and the other firmly placed in a big pile of crazy.


As requested, here is a link to all of my different accounts, and a link to the tweets I sent out for the class.  You can also find my account links by clicking on the relevant menu link on my main website.


Instagram: Johnsfrozenparadise

Twitter : @johnsfrozendice

Youtube:  Johnsfrozenparadise

Soundcloud: John


And here is a link to the other blog post containing the three instagram photos.  Enjoy!

The tale of the random Instagram photos

And thus concludes my first mid week post.  Thanks for reading! See you on Sunday.