The sounds of John

June 10, 2018 0 By John

For this audio bank assignment, I was tasked finding 4 or 5 sounds that I find personally pleasing.  The assignment details for this can be found HERE.    This assignment was worth 2 stars according to the details on the website.   Below you will find a link to the mashup of all those sounds!  I hope you like it.



In order to create this assignment, I would recommend you install Audacity.  It is a simple audio editing tool that will zip you right through this assignment.   Below is a screenshot that I will quickly explain.  Hopefully it helps you finish this assignment.


Click ‘File’ and ‘import audio’ to insert multiple audio pieces into your project.  Then click the <–> button to move those pieces around in the timeline.  Finally, click ‘File’ and ‘Export audio’ to save your mashup of sounds into one file that you and others can enjoy. I hope found this tutorial helpful.