The Tale of the Lonesome Ghost

June 21, 2018 0 By John

I am so worried.  My friend was all over social media last night.  He was posting pictures and videos of some scary stuff that was happening in his office.  I’m going to try to piece together the timeline here in this blog.

He started off with some strange tweets about how creepy his office felt that night

That by itself wasn’t too worrying.  But then he started posting pics to his Instagram showing his creepy office.  It wasn’t terrifying, but I could kinda understand the vibes he was feeling while I looked at those pics.



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That light in the back keeps flickering

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After he posted those, he started tweeting again.  This time he was really starting to sound paranoid.




I really thought he had gone off the deep end here.  But then he surprised me and tweeted out this doozy



I checked his soundcloud.  What he had captured and posted would have me hiding in a corner, or running for the exits if I had heard it in person.



I may happen to be a coward, but he was not deterred.  Just look at his tweet soon after the soundcloud post.



My friend is insane!  I was on the edge of my seat.  He posted one image to instagram to prove he was looking at the footage.  I assume he was still trying to get a good section of video to capture.



After what seemed like HOURS, he finally got some footage up on his youtube channel.  I couldn’t look at it, I was so scared.  Can you find anything abnormal in it?



And here we can see where my friends night goes from creepy to terrifying.



Seconds later, he posted an image on instagram.  It was the last thing he posted that night.  I have tried calling him all day, but no response.  Has anyone seen him?


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Something is pressing up against the security rooms glass door

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