Threes company for summarys

June 10, 2018 0 By John

Six summary posts down.  They are dropping like flies it seems.  I hope to be able to express everything I did for this half-week in this post.  So lets get started.


To begin, I will discuss my daily-creates for the week.  The first I completed on Saturday.  It entailed creating a unique info-graphic chart of my own creation.  With how I feel about social media (and Twitter in particular), I got a little sassy with it and put my feelings into the chart.

The second daily-create I posted on Sunday June the 10th.  The specifics for this post required us to colorize a pretty picture of a laboratory.  Below, you will find my blog post containing both tweets, and links to both assignment pages.


Daily tweet mashup


Next up, I worked on an our recurring Alternate History assignment.  Except this time, we were to create an audio clip describing said events.  I decided this time to detail and alternate version of our planet where dinosaurs never went extinct.  I thought that would be just crazy enough to grab someones attention somewhere.  This assignment only involved a simple audio clip taken from my laptop, and was easy to upload directly to soundcloud.  For the link to my audio-clip, and further details on the assignment, please check out my blog post below.


Dinosaurs tweeting other Dinosaurs


After completing my Dinosaur alternate timeline, I began work on the next section of work we were given.  Namely, a mashup of sounds that creates a story without dialog.  This was probably my favorite assignment for the half-week. I made a quick mashup of sounds that told the sad and disturbing story of a drunk driver.  The tale started off with a quiet party environment with cans being opened in the background.  It quickly transitioned to a louder musical venue.  Finally, it finished with a violent vehicular crash.  Below I have listed the blog that contains more details on the assignment, and my audio story itself.


SOS – Story of Sounds


Following this assignment, my next mission was to complete five more stars worth of audio assignments from the audio assignment bank.  My first choice was a task worth two stars.  The details for completion of said task involved me finding four to five sounds that greatly pleases me.  My sound choices included the sound of aluminium baseball bat hitting the ground, a rain storm (I absolutely love the rain), a futuristic lazer gun being fired, and a fireplace crackling in the background.  I would definitely be able to fall asleep to the fireplace and the rainstorm.    Below is my blog post for this assignment.

The sounds of John

To finish up the audio assignment bank, I found an task worth three stars.  It was essentially the opposite of the assignment I just detailed above.  Now I was asked to find sounds that I despise, and to mash them up in an audio clip!  I don’t know If i enjoyed doing this, but it will likely be therapeutic to talk about them.  Hah!  These sounds included chalk on a chalk board (ugh), a poorly played recorder/flute (double ugh), a really squeaky office chair (triple ugh), and my least favorite of them all……. an annoying small dog barking.  The blog post containing this clip is below.  Proceed at your own peril….

If Hell actually existed, it would contain these sounds

To cap off this summary, I will display screenshots of my comments I left for others, and links to the pages I left them on.


My first comment can be found HERE.  Screenshot is below:



My second comment can be found HERE.  Screenshot is below:



My third comment can be found HERE.  Screenshot is below: