To the moon Alice

June 6, 2018 0 By John

This week we were to listen to and review certain aspects of a soundcloud podcast titled “Moon Graffiti”.  The podcast was a veritable cornucopia of sound effects mixed with voice to produce a drama filled time twisting journey of weirdness.  The podcast starts off with a large mix of alarm noises and actors reading off alarm codes.  This was pretty interesting as it the pacing was very erratic and seemed to push and pull at the listener with its fluctuations in urgency.   The crescendo of the crash near the end of this section was almost enough to give the user a heart attack.  Followed immediately by a rest period for the user to recuperate and process what just happened

You can hear an example of the alarm codes starting at 14 seconds, or click the link HERE to jump straight to the time.

The crash I mentioned happens HERE at 1:02.

In a story-line sense, I found the alternate moon landing speech to be fascinating.  The contents of a speech which was created to prepare for a moon crash disaster was eerie and gripping at the same time.  It displayed a quick glimpse at a lost part of the history for the moon landing.  I also loved the voice acting for this, even though most of it was make-believe / ad-lib, with a goal of describing the moon lander crash in this fake scenario.

Throughout the podcast, they used background noise to accentuate the situations very well.  It provided great moments of tension for the listener, and at times comedic value.  For example, HERE at 4:22, they used that little screech to feature the unknown situation the astronauts were walking into outside of the capsule.


Another very interesting sound effect/technique used by the producers can be found HERE at 6:07.    The astronaut describes kicking the dust and how it is rippling out in front of him.  While he is supposedly kicking it, the producers have added a sound effect that mimics this ripple they refereed to.  It was almost guttural in nature.  I found this to be the most creative inclusion of sound effects in the entire podcast.

Finally, at the 15:04 mark HERE, there was an instrument played that really helped to underline the strangeness of the podcast we just digested.  I felt it was the perfect ending for a very innovative podcast.