Where the wild things blog. A week 2 summary

May 27, 2018 0 By John

The second deadline of a busy week has now come to its conclusion.  In this post I hope to summarize what I have accomplished in the last three days.  Keep in mind this assignment is typically completed within a deadline of one or two weeks.  It was a lot of reading and photography work.



To start this portion of the week, I worked on completing my daily creates.  The ‘daily create’ assignment numbers that I chose to work on were #tdc2329 and #tdc2328.  I have posted them below.  The first was intriguing to me because I love weird music videos.  We were asked to find a music video that could be turned into a meme.  I chose ‘Safety Dance’ for its incredibly colorful and strange dancing scenes.




The second ‘daily create’ was to think of a good idea for an app.  This assignment reminded me of a headache that google gave me many years ago.  They used to have a search tab you could click that filtered your search results to show only message board links.  This gave you the ability to see only opinions related to what you were searching for.  I loved using it.  However, one day they just randomly removed the option.  What a bummer.  I believe an app containing this functionality would fill a nice hole in the marketplace.


This week we were also tasked with creating a photoblitz!  This assignment entailed taking a series of photos relating to certain prompts.  I chose to do the work for this assignment in the lower level of my house.  That area contained a ton of random objects I could use as the subject of my photos.  My photos contained many random technological items.  They could also be as simple as a coffee mug.  Feel free to check it out at my by blog post linked below!

Photo Diving on Memorial Day Eve


Next up, the class was tasked with completing a series of visual assignments.  These assignments were super random and I highly enjoyed creating the narrative for them.  My first assignment was worth 4 stars.  The work for that included creating a myth surrounding a photo and describing it a bit in detail.  I also linked it to my favorite story genre by making it include certain snippets of a fantasy world.  You can find the blog post below.


The evil creature that came from the lake



The second visual assignment I worked on was worth two stars.  It entailed creating a visual bucket list of things that I would like to do before I die.  My bucket list included things such as skydiving, scuba diving, traveling, and owning a log cabin!  Details can be found at my blog post below.  This assignment can easily relate to fantasy as well.  This is because it’s usually a fantasy that most people will fulfill all of their dreams.  Har Har.  Ok, I’ll stop



My Ultimate ‘Kickin the bucket’ list


And so concludes another weekly summary post.  The work for this assignment provided a lot more depth and wiggle room in terms of how we created our work.  We got to choose from a wide selection of assignments.  Some of those assignments even allowed us to create fictional stories.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this week.

Thanks for reading!  See you soon.